Donnerstag, August 11

Who I really am

Name: Miriam Piercings: yes, a lot Tattoos: i hope soon Length: 1,63 m Shoe size: 37/38 Hair colour: dark brown Freckles: a little bit on the nose, but only in summer Motto: dream as if you'll live forever, life as you'll die today - james dean♥ In love? totally! Do you wish you lived somewhere else? hm, not really Do you consider yourself good-looking? maybe :D What shampoo do you use? head and shoulders  What are you afraid of? of Clowns! Do you like roller-coasters? noooo, i hate them!
LAST... Movie you rented? i don't know ;) Movie you bought? Twilight Song you heard? Laserkraft3D - Weightless Song you downloaded? Casper - XOXO Person you called? Baby Person who called you? Baby♥ TV-program you watched? Simpsons Person you thought of? my boyfriend
FAVOURITE... Song: At the Moment Laserkraft3D - Weightless Thing to do: hang out with my Boyfriend♥ Sport: snowboarding<3 Clothes: i love shirts<3 Movie: Sweeney Todd Car: Ford Mustang66 Caprio<3 TV-show: How i met your mother
HAVE YOU EVER... Cried over a boy? yes Cried over a girl? no Lied to anyone? yes Been in a fist fight? no :D Been arrested? luckily no Met someone from the Internet IRL? yes ;D

NUMBER OF... Times you’ve been in love? a lot Times you’ve had your heart broken? why should I count that? Hearts been broken because of you? a lot :c Girls you’ve kissed? one :p  
Times your name has been in the newspaper? 3 times
LAST... Book you read? STephen King - ES Person who e-mailed you? a good Friend Person who sent you a letter? it's sad, no one really writes letters anymore Person who sent you a text message? my Boy♥ Time you had dinner with your whole family? hm, a week ago Thing you bought? a lot of clothes ;)


  1. Wow. Wie geistreich... Ich hasse anonyme Kommentare xD

    Schöne Fotos ;)

  2. wunderschöön.♥♥
    ich lieeebe dich, schwesterherz.(:

  3. Deine Bilder sind immer wunderschön <3